Made for Airsofter's, by Airsofter's

Made for Airsofter's, by Airsofter's

Welcome to Aber Airsoft. We are an airsofting site located in Aberystwyth, Wales. We are a high quailty site featuring exciting terrain, a World Ware Two bunker and lots of custom built structures! Take a look around and come and join us at our next game!

We started about a year ago being a derivative of Aberystwyth University paintball club. We have since branched out and opened as an independent Airsoft site. We are the largest Airsoft site in mid Wales; pulling in airsoft players from all over England and Wales.

Primarily we run a large woodland site (typical Wales), but have also built the site up with many structures to simulate a CQC (Close Quarters Combat) scenario. As well as this, we have a Welsh sea defence bunker left over from World War 2 in which we use to play CQC games.

Wales is a bit of a dead spot for Airsoft, see the Airsoft map here. Our aim is to build up the Welsh Airsoft community by informing new players about the sport; and changing existing player’s opinions on how the industry should be brought forward.

We believe that Airsoft is not just about the game, it is about the community as well. Our efforts focus on producing an excellent variety of games, as well as top quality media. We use the latest DSLR cameras to capture high quality photos and videos at all of our events. After visiting our site, you can expect to see AT LEAST one Airsoft action shot in the picturesque Welsh countryside.