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22nd March Big Game Day

An Overview 

So its been a week since our last game day. This game say 36 players from across Wales come head to head across our thick lush terrain of the Welsh countryside. We saw old friends join us; and some new! There was little conflict between players; and it would seem as if our campaign to boost the community was working! Our tank build project seemed to have been popular amongst players, a place that was never unoccupied for long. It would seem that the temptation to reenact your childhood with toy guns was overwhelming!

This Week’s Favourite Gun

This week my favourite gun was a HK417 by VFC with an attached telescopic scope. This gun also happens to coincide with my favourite picture of the week.

Improvements & New Builds

We will continue to build up the community of players in Mid Wales, focusing on our Media. It is our ultimate aim to match extremely fun game play, with quality media and an excellent community in the price of a walk-on, a challenge that no other site (to our knowledge) has fulfilled. In the next few weeks we will continue to add to the site with more physical barriers and blockades. We are hoping to create an entirely new building for the game on the 12th April.

Media & Favourite Photo

As always we have rolled out our photos Monday @7pm after the game day; and our video Wednesday @7pm. You can find all of our media on Youtube by searching Aber Airsoft; and our photos can be found our our Facebook page. My favourite picture this week shown below was Andew Clemas with his VFC HK417, I chose this as it had a real good vibe with the oil drum in the foreground. Perhaps an automatic trigger in my head connected Oil to War (and possibly reasons to invade a country), however thats enough on the subject for now! The Bunker Aber Airsoft, Airsofter Barrel, Gun

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