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Pistol Competition @ Aber Airsoft – 31st May 2015

Happy Friday people! Know a lot of you are looking forward to the weekend! Dean and Gareth have been working hard and built a new bridge!! Hopefully the sun will stay out, but if not we will fight in the rain! Were running our first pistol competition on Sunday, so thought id post a few new rules… £40 potential prize.


  • The competition will start at 4:30pm
  • The competition will be Player vs Player in a small area (1/2 size of village).
  • 2 matches held at the same time.
  • There will be a 10 round mag limit (to discourage spray and pray).
  • There will be a 5 minute time limit (otherwise we wouldn’t have time to finish the competition).
  • There will be a last minute warning.
  • If noone is a victor after 5 minutes, it goes to a classic cowboy draw.
  • Matches will be randomly allocated (drawn out of a helmet).
  • 16 Player limit (so the tournament can function properly.
  • There will be two marshals assigned to each player.


The victor will get the full cash prize of entry fees… ie if there are 16 players the prize will be £40. Feel free to ask questions!!



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